How to become an Artist and make a living doing what you love!

Creative business ideaCreativity Pro is here help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be, and then to discover the absolute pleasure of finding people who love what you do and are willing to pay you in return for sharing your knowledge, skill, imagination and creations. Whether you are just starting out by learning how to draw and paint or even if you are a seasoned pro, there’s something here for you.

Our Art Marketing and Promotions section will help you to get a plan of action and give some valuable Art Marketing Tips including some that you might not have thought of before.

The Art shows and exhibitions section will help learn How to put on a Successful Art Exhibition and get into a gallery.

Want to make a little money on the side while your art career takes off? Read our Art tutoring tips section.

When its time to get your art out to the masses you’ll love our Photographing and Printing your Artwork tips too.

If you are to save yourself from starving in an Artists garret (whatever that is) then you should dive into the Selling Artwork section.

It will be wise though to know something about The Art Business before you start.

Finally, at some stage you will have to find some time amongst all this to create some art in your Art Practice. Goodness!

Its time to Get a Creative Life!


Want to be famous? Want to see your face in the paper? Get started on your road to road to fame and fortune by creating artist press releases to send to your local newspapers. Journalists are busy, so give them everything they need to make their jobs easier and you’ll stand a better of chance of seeing your face beaming out your local rag. Its easier than you think!


You’ve stood outside the gallery and gazed in just wishing that your artworks could be in there, under the bright halogen lights that make every artwork look like its worth a million dollars. If only the gallery director would see your work, if only he would give you a chance, then your dreams could come true. Is its really possible? Could it happen? Well yes it can, but first you have to go under the radar!